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Blood work is useful in diagnosing a variety of medical conditions and may be a part of your routine health care exam. At Premium Healthcare in Downers Grove and Crest Hill, Illinois, Dr. Jose Rivera Guerrero and Dr. Cristina Perez offer innovative diagnostic services, including blood work, to diagnose disease and identify potential medical conditions that can affect your health. To schedule an appointment at Premium Healthcare, book an appointment online or call the office to learn more about blood testing availability.

Blood Work Q & A

What is the purpose of blood work?

Dr. Guerrero and Dr. Perez use blood work to identify diseases and medical conditions that affect your health. They can use these tests to:

  • Assess your blood health
  • Determine the functionality of your organs
  • Determine your risk for heart diseases
  • Diagnose chronic diseases including cancer and diabetes
  • Monitor the effectiveness of prescription medicine therapies

During routine wellness checks and specific medical consultations, your doctor may request blood work. They are a common part of routine health care.

How should I prepare for my blood work?

Depending on the reason your doctor is requesting blood work, you may need to follow certain guidelines to ensure the test is accurate, such as not eating or drinking for several hours before your test.

Dr. Guerrero and Dr. Perez provide you with the necessary information before drawing your blood.

It is important to relax during a blood draw. If you are afraid of needles or are nervous about your procedure, know that the experienced medical team at Premium Healthcare guides you through the procedure. You may wish to look away from the needles if you don’t like the sight of blood. You may also want to bring something along to distract you during the blood draw, such as a book or magazine.

What can I expect if I need to have blood work?

In order to draw the blood effectively, they may first need to wrap a band around your arm or request that you make a fist to expose the vein. Your doctor cleans the area around your vein with an antiseptic then inserts a small needle into a vein, usually on your inner arm.

The needle connects to a small, self-sealing tube where the blood collects. Depending on the reason for your test, you may need to give more than one tube of blood.

A blood draw usually takes only a few minutes and shouldn’t cause pain, although you may feel some discomfort. Once they remove the needle, your doctor places a bandage over the insertion site.

Your doctor sends your blood sample to a laboratory for analysis. It can take several days for your results to become available. Your doctor contacts you directly in the event your tests show abnormal results. Additional testing, including blood work, may be necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

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