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While warnings about the hazards of smoking are everywhere, it can be very hard to beat a nicotine addiction. When you’re ready to stop smoking and take back control of your life, you may find the support you need in smoking cessation programs Premium Healthcare in Downers Grove and Crest Hill, Illinois, offers. Dr. Jose Rivera Guerrero and Dr. Cristina Perez offer guidance and resources to help you quit smoking for good. To learn more about your options for quitting smoking, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office.

Smoking Cessation Q & A

Why should I quit smoking?

Smoking cigarettes has severe short-term and long-term health consequences. It's never too late to quit, and when you're ready to stop smoking, your doctor can create a custom treatment plan to ensure you can quit successfully.

The benefits of quitting smoking include reduced risk for:

  • Lung disease, including cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Infertility

You also can eliminate your dependence on cigarettes, enjoy fresher breath, improved breathing, and have more energy. You’ll never have to worry again that you smell like an ashtray or have to leave important events to go outside for a cigarette.

What if I fail at quitting smoking?

Your doctor works closely with you to determine the best course of treatment for quitting smoking for good. While many smokers do relapse multiple times while trying to quit, your doctor offers you the resources and support you need to be successful.

Even if you fail multiple times, the goal to quit smoking is an important one. Your doctor can continue to try different treatments to find one that works best. With determination and the right support, you can be successful in ending your addiction to nicotine.

What treatments are available to help me quit smoking?

Dr. Guerrero and Dr. Perez offer a variety of treatments to help you achieve your goal and reduce your dependency on cigarettes. These treatments may include counseling, behavioral therapy, support groups, or prescription medications.

Am I a good candidate for smoking cessation medications?

Your doctor may recommend prescription medications that interfere with nicotine receptors in your brain to reduce symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. These medications may also lessen the enjoyment you get from cigarettes.

Available medications for smoking cessation include Chantix® and the antidepressants Zyban® and Wellbutrin®.

You may be a good candidate for these medications if you have a serious dependence on nicotine, including signs like:

  • Smoking more than a pack per day
  • Smoking while you’re sick
  • Smoking as soon as you wake up
  • Waking up at night to smoke

Dr. Guerrero and Dr. Perez evaluate your nicotine dependence and your medical history to determine if prescription medications are the right course of treatment for you.

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